Sunday, September 26, 2010

Freddie Gage "Tears for Souls"

Recently in Missions class, we watched a sermon by Freddie Gage called "Tears for Souls". It was incredibly convicting as is any sermon that addresses how we are not acting the way you should. "Tears for Souls" addressed the fact that Christians have become selfish and secluded. We don't care any more about wining souls for Christ. We are too busy worrying about ourselves to care about the mass amounts of people who are not saved and do not know Christ. God was definitely telling me something about this because that is not the first time this topic has appeared in my life recently. One of my best friends is struggling with trying to win a specific soul for Christ and she is so very passionate about her mission! Whenever she talks to me about this person who she is trying to reach, lets call him Rob, she gets so emotional and it makes me feel equally as passionate. All Christians should be like my friend who care so much for others, including myself. I am so absorbed in my own life and so invested in my own well-being that I forget about the souls of those who are wondering around lost in the dark. I need to get over my selfishness and shyness and win souls for Christ. All I have to do is introduce myself and tell them about God. If hey ignore me, at least they had the chance and maybe I planted a seed of curiosity. Wish me luck!

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